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1. FERRERE seeks to hire the best professionals coming out of our universities. When our need is urgent we publish ads looking for candidates. But even when we have not published an ad we will hire all excellent candidates who meet our professional profile.

2. FERRERE does not discriminate based on sex, race, religion or social origin. The only consideration of interest to us is intellectual potential.

3. Everyone who joins the Firm has equal opportunities to reach its highest levels. Family members are not brought into the Firm, and we have no "glass ceilings." We make every effort so that our members see their career with the Firm as an on-going succession of opportunities.

4. Young professionals adapt best to our way of working. The Firm has a strong in-house culture, which is best suited to early hiring.

5. Part of our work takes place in English. A good command of English is not essential, but is highly desirable.

6. Except for students, we do not accept part-time involvement.

7. The Firm has an established policy of financing studies abroad for its best professionals and of encouraging periods of work with our clients abroad. This program, however, is only applied once the candidate has demonstrated his or her worth over the course of at least a few years of work with us.

8. Work is intense at our firm. Our clients ask for this, and we are proud of our level of devotion to meeting their needs. Our firm is for people who truly like the law and who want to be the best at what they do.

9. Unless we know you already, we want to know what your grades are like. Grades, in and of themselves, do not decide employment, but over the years we have learned to interpret fairly well what they say about each student.

10. We are interested in what you have done beyond school. Personal achievements of any sort may be manifestations of an outstanding personality.

11. Remuneration is not a problem. If you are exceptional, we will quickly reach an agreement. We have no "ceilings" for remunerating our professionals beyond those set by their own ability.

12. The application form on the following page facilitates evaluation of candidates. If you have any questions or problem with the form, please contact us by e-mail at rrhh@ferrere.com

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