Good Citizenship

Good Citizenship

Responsible citizenship has been reflected for decades in the firm’s cooperation programs. FERRERE collaborates professionally, provides economic support, and gets involved institutionally with organizations that obtain tangible results in concrete timeframes, including:

Un Techo para Mi País, ” an efficient NGO devoted to building housing for low-income families, which has won the King of Spain Human Rights Award;

Endeavor, ” a nonprofit international organization that optimizes young entrepreneurs’ projects and promotes entrepreneurial culture as a basis for socioeconomic development;

Deres, ” a dynamic group of companies who have been working for years in Uruguay to foster and put in place a Corporate Social Responsibility culture;

The FERRERE Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, endowed by the firm at ORT University, which strengthens innovative initiatives and generates synergy among students and graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit, companies, business leaders and academic centers;

LATU Proyecto Ingenio, ” an incubator for Uruguayan companies with high value added in innovation who aims to access international markets.

Bolivia: Specific regulations for Copyright Collectives

Specific Regulations on Copyright Collectives issued by the Office of Copyrights and Related Rights establishes that they will be regulated by the National Intellectual Property Service.


Ecuador: General Regulations of the Organic Code on the Social Economy of Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation

The Regulations incorporate certain rules for observance of intellectual property rights, qualifying such rules as mechanisms for enforcement and penalizing rights violations.


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