The Migration Department of FERRERE counsels our clients on the process of moving to and settling in the region. This process has different implications for the individual, including economic, social, political and cultural aspects, all of which we are in a position to handle. We provide advice to individuals seeking to retire to or start a business in the four countries where the firm operates, as well as corporations.

The aim of our Migration Department is to assist both companies and employees in the process of getting employees settled in the countries where FERRERE has offices (Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay), articulating and addressing the needs of both parties.

We have extensive experience advising clients from different regions, including North America, Asia, Europe, Central America and South America, and of different nationalities, in the process of getting settled in Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The Migration Department of FERRERE is a member of international networks that aim to facilitate corporate mobility by providing strategic solutions. We are thus members of PRO-LINK GLOBAL.

From the perspective of the companies, we articulate with FERRERE's labor practice on employee expatriation and transfer procedures management, including their implications in the field of employment, health and accident insurance and compensation structure, including the treatment of social security and tax contributions on wages and other benefits of the foreign employee.

The FERRERE Migration practice was chosen by Uruguay’s National Innovation and Research Agency (ANII) to present a proposal for reform of the Uruguayan migrations system. The FERRERE Migration Department has handled residence procedures for multinational companies and financial institutions in the jurisdictions where the firm operates Some of its clients are Adium Pharma, Diageo, Nestlé, IBM, Enercon, Vestas, CHC Helicopter, Microsoft, UBS, Scotiabank, Israel Discount Bank of New York, JP Morgan, Pagnifique, Petrobras, Tupperware, Worley Parsons, MMR Group, CPVEN, Autolider, ADM, Boehringer, Abbvie, Mastellone, Equifax, Fepco, TIW Corporation, President Energy, Odebrecht, Transatlantic Reinsurance Company and Nielsen.

What areas are comprised in the service provided by FERRERE?

• Immigration Area

- Assistance with immigration status procedures for foreign employees who are transferred to Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay to provide their services, so that they are authorized to work in the country.

• Educational Area

-Support for approval of academic records in order to continue primary and secondary education and university programs in the pertinent country.

-Support for recognition of university degrees to authorize the practice of the profession in the pertinent country.

- Advice on choice of educational centers at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

• Health Area

- Assistance for obtaining health certification for residence in the pertinent country.

- Advice on the country’s health care system and on choice of mutual or private health care insurance coverage.

• Services Area

- Assistance on choosing possible geographical areas of residence, according to the needs of the person concerned and their families.

- Support for identifying services such as cable TV, internet connection, fixed and mobile telephony.

- Assistance on approval of foreign driver’s licenses.

- Support for car rentals.

- Negotiations with the consulates of the country of origin of the person concerned for renewal of foreign identity cards or passports, legalization of documents, obtaining or correcting birth and marriage certificates, making changes of address and instructions for obtaining criminal record checks, etc.

- Advice on hiring domestic services, drafting of employment contracts and information about current labor legislation.

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