Bankruptcy and Insolvency

The firm assists its clients on liability restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy processes, as well as recovery of credits from companies involved in insolvency or reorganization processes.

FERRERE participates by advising and defining strategies from the credit claim stage. And it aids in making decisions related to assessment of payment proposals by insolvents. It has extensive experience in these situations and is in a position to put together multidisciplinary teams to advise on viability of debtors’ payment proposals. It also analyzes the effect of insolvency proceedings on credits assumed or agreements executed by the affected company.

FERRERE also participates in insolvency proceedings as support for trustees, interveners and liquidators for protection of the debtor’s assets and reorganization of its net worth, so as to ensure an optimum insolvency process and a greater percentage of credit recovery. It also advises on acquisition of insolvent debtors’ partial or total assets.

The Bankruptcy and Insolvency group works actively with the Project Financing group, given that it is common for guarantee trusts or fund flow management to be implemented as instruments in payment plans proposed by insolvent debtors.


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