FERRERE represents international, regional and local companies, leaders in the pharmaceuticals market. Thanks to the emphasis on specialization that characterizes the chemicals and pharmaceuticals team, clients use its services in strategic activities, including many companies who in Latin America tend not to put their trust in lawyers.

Obtaining authorizations, arranging representations and managing negotiations with regulators, approval and regulation of pharmaceutical specialties and therapeutic devices, and authorization and monitoring of phase-3 clinical testing are everyday matters for this practice. But also frequent are strategic planning of company mergers, acquisition of product lines, obtaining patents and maintaining patent rights. Support to international and local clients is constant in registration transfers, assignments of awards, and termination of distribution agreements. The chemicals and pharmaceuticals group’s attorneys coordinate with pharmaceutical chemists and specialists in regulatory areas, keeping their practice in step with the sector’s technological progress.

FERRERE addresses new trends, opportunities and regulatory threats. Its professionals coordinate efforts with company technical specialists, which is simple due to their deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, beyond the legal aspects. That knowledge and the experience acquired also facilitate frequent collaboration with foreign attorneys specializing in the sector.


“ …an impressive regional presence, a strong network of business contacts and excellent cross-border capabilities. “ ”The lawyers deliver great advice when you´re facing difficult situations and are always ready to get to the bottom of problems and fight for the best results...”

Chambers Latin America Uruguay

“...This team has a well-regarded banking team and is praised for its capital markets expertise...”

Chambers Latin America Uruguay

“...This full-service firm is a high-profile player and handles a large volume of corporate work. It has excellent working relationships with the authorities and stands out for its network of branches in other countries of the region...”

Chambers Latin America Uruguay

“...Aggressive market leader with regional presence...”

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“...Comfortably Uruguay´s largest law firm...”

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“full of capable professionals (...) ready to work extremely hard to maintain the firm’s number-one reputation”

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"...dynamic and aggressive market leader..."

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