FERRERE has participated in the largest mining projects in the region, especially through its offices in Bolivia and Ecuador. It has provided consulting at various stages of prospecting, exploration and exploitation to facilitate complex contracts between corporations, national governments, stakeholders and several municipalities.

FERRERE has been actively involved in the negotiations between private companies, civil society organizations, landowners and neighboring communities.

In view of the increasing consolidation of the mining industry and the questions about the rights, concessions, mining permits and even litigation related to the sector, the experience of FERRERE's specialized lawyers contributes to the expansion of the mining business. This has resulted in the recognition of customers and even their counterparts, to the point that FERRERE’s lawyers have been regular consultants in the updates of current regulations in the country and whenever issues related to the region are discussed.


“ …an impressive regional presence, a strong network of business contacts and excellent cross-border capabilities. “ ”The lawyers deliver great advice when you´re facing difficult situations and are always ready to get to the bottom of problems and fight for the best results...”

Chambers Latin America Uruguay

“...This team has a well-regarded banking team and is praised for its capital markets expertise...”

Chambers Latin America Uruguay

“...Aggressive market leader with regional presence...”

Latin Lawyer

“...Comfortably Uruguay´s largest law firm...”

Latin Lawyer

“full of capable professionals (...) ready to work extremely hard to maintain the firm’s number-one reputation”

Chambers Global

"...dynamic and aggressive market leader..."

Latin Lawyer

"Considered by some to be "the best outfit in Latin America, let alone Uruguay"

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