FERRERE has built its experience and reputation in representing health care companies and providers in processes with regulatory agencies over decades. Its attorneys have successfully arranged authorizations, company re-qualifications, proposals for regulatory changes with government authorities, and strategies for making business structures viable. The firm’s attorneys process licenses required for importing equipment and technologies, and participate in negotiations on health treatment rates. The professional team, together with litigation and mediation specialists, also resolves mal praxis cases, and deals with relations between institutions and their members.

In assisting for-profit and non-profit health care companies, FERRERE is involved in legal and business restructurings, in negotiations with strategic suppliers, and in adapting legal structures for compliance with requirements for regulatory and tax incentives.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Uruguay, licensee of the US’s largest health insurer, gets advice from FERRERE on its local operations. FERRERE also advises the renowned British Hospital, as well as the country’s largest mutual health care provider, Asociación Española Primera de Socorros Mutuos, and SUAT, one of the leading emergency medical care providers.


“ …an impressive regional presence, a strong network of business contacts and excellent cross-border capabilities. “ ”The lawyers deliver great advice when you´re facing difficult situations and are always ready to get to the bottom of problems and fight for the best results...”

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“...This team has a well-regarded banking team and is praised for its capital markets expertise...”

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“...Aggressive market leader with regional presence...”

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“...Comfortably Uruguay´s largest law firm...”

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“full of capable professionals (...) ready to work extremely hard to maintain the firm’s number-one reputation”

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"...dynamic and aggressive market leader..."

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