Consumer Goods

FERRERE’s well-known clients in the consumer market include Nestlé, Nike, Diageo, BRF Unilever, Arcor and Nuvó. Companies in this sector are subject to different regulatory frameworks, depending on the nature of their operations. FERRERE advises them in this context and in handling the various phases of customer relations.

The firm’s professionals help in designing promotions and offers with a view to preventing future complaints, legal actions, and penalties. Their primary criterion is to reduce the probability of conflict, but when their clients do become involved in such situations, the firm reacts forcefully to defend them quickly and with common sense.

Advising consumer market companies requires compliance with new data-privacy regulations. Regulatory updates, which are generalized throughout the region, are in addition to changes in rules on how ever larger consumer data flows are handled. Mass-market companies have the combined support of lawyers who are specialists in various branches of law and are familiar with the dynamics of the business.

In recent decades the firm has developed broad experience in health matters that are subject to regional, national, and municipal regulation.

Lawyers from the various departments of FERRERE coordinate assistance to retail clients on tax, corporate, labor relations, trademark and competition matters.


“ …an impressive regional presence, a strong network of business contacts and excellent cross-border capabilities. “ ”The lawyers deliver great advice when you´re facing difficult situations and are always ready to get to the bottom of problems and fight for the best results...”

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“...This team has a well-regarded banking team and is praised for its capital markets expertise...”

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“...This team has a good reputation for its preventative advice on labour issues. It is up-to-date and extremely knowledgeable on the different local regulations, while its useful network of offices in the country means it is 'well prepared and able to react quickly when facing different scenarios, especially in a time of crisis.'...”

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“...Aggressive market leader with regional presence...”

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“...Comfortably Uruguay´s largest law firm...”

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“full of capable professionals (...) ready to work extremely hard to maintain the firm’s number-one reputation”

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"...dynamic and aggressive market leader..."

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