Banks and Financial Institutions

The Banking and Finance Group assists many of the world’s largest banks, including Credit Suisse, JPMorganChase, Scotiabank, Lloyds Bank TSB, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Banque Rothschild, Itaú BBA, Banco Itaú, Israel Discount Bank of New York, UBS, Banco Patagonia, RBS, Banco do Brasil, Crédit Agricole, Barclays, Bank Leumi, EFG Capital, SunTrust y Banco Santander, among others. Its clients also include almost all the multilateral credit organizations, including the International Finance Corporation, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Inter-American Investment Corporation, and the Andean Development Corporation.

FERRERE holds a solid leadership position in structured products, securitizations and trusts geared to pension funds, securities issuers, credit administrators, and other investors and sponsors.

FERRERE has a team of specialist attorneys in banking and financial regulation, with international and local experience, devoted exclusively to the sector. The practice group maintains relationships with local regulators and supervisors, which allows it to get the jump on problems and identify opportunities for clients, in complex transactions and in banking business of varying magnitudes. The team routinely handles:

Establishment of financial entities

Registration and authorizations with regulators and other local authorities

Mergers and Acquisitions of financial entities; Regulatory advice

Structured and securities market financing

Project Financing

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